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The best advice for building muscle is to challenge the muscles with adequate loads. This can be done through resistance and cardiovascular training. Additionally, make sure to provide your body with the necessary nutrients, such as specific amino acids, to help build and improve the quality of muscle.

This should not be considered medical advice. Follow Dr. Huberman's instructions and consult your physician before changing your protocols.


Science of Muscle Growth, Increasing Strength & Muscular Recovery @ 00:37:52

Put differently, heavy weights can help build muscle and strength, but they are not required. What one has to do is adhere to a certain number of parameters, just a couple of key variables that I'll spell out for you. And if you do that, you can greatly increase muscle hypertrophy, muscle size, and or muscle strength, if that's what you want to do.

Science of Muscle Growth, Increasing Strength & Muscular Recovery @ 00:09:46

We will touch on some nutritional themes and how that relates to muscle, in particular, a specific amino acid that if it's available in your bloodstream frequently enough and at sufficient levels can help you build and improve the quality of muscle. And we'll talk about specific exercise regimes, as well as, of course, supplementation and things that can enhance neuromuscular performance overall.

Jeff Cavaliere: Optimize Your Exercise Program with Science-Based Tools @ 00:31:05

That would be a good indication that you could grow that muscle well. How did you come up with this? I mean, it just, honestly, it's something that made sense to me because during my workouts, even as a young kid just starting out, I always wanted to know what is it working? A lot of people ask that question more so than you think.

Dr. Andy Galpin: How to Build Strength, Muscle Size & Endurance @ 00:35:00

So you want to make sure these fibers stay alive and intact. Okay, so if that being said, the only way to develop strength is then to challenge the muscle to produce more total force. If you are fairly untrained or new, I guess I should have stated this all at the beginning as well. One more inception, then I'll stop.

Improve Flexibility with Research-Supported Stretching Protocols @ 01:34:19

And there are parallels in resistance and cardiovascular training too, I realize, right? In the case of trying to build hypertrophy, or I should say improve hypertrophy muscle size, oftentimes the best advice that one can give is to, don't try to lift weights, but rather to challenge muscles. Now, of course, you need to provide adequate loads in order to get hypertrophy, but when you're training purely for strength, it's about moving weights.